Acrílica sobre tela 60cm x 60cm

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Looking for someone in Bolivia to portray, with the idea that it should be someone who impacted me with their life story or something similar, was leaving the possibilities very reduced.  

It was then that Yubo, a Croatian immigrant who welcomed me into his restaurant in the city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia, shyly asked me: "My daughter, Mila, was born here in Bolivia. She could be portrayed by you ?"  

I realized that it wasn't me who had to look for people for my project. I let things flow from there.  

Yubo ran to the school where Mila studied and then arrived with a beautiful girl with curious eyes. I photographed and released her so she wouldn't miss the school day. Later I learned that she did not calm down until her father took her to see the result of the work.  

She liked!