Acrílica sobre tela 60cm x 60cm

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Stop your motorbike here and you will have a good hotel.  

After looking for some hostels, I ended up being approached by a security guard who convinced me to stay there. He watched the cars and I felt that Nina would look good under his gaze.  

His friendly manner could not disguise the sadness of someone who had lost something important. After 17 years in the US, he had been deported and was back in his homeland. "And now I'm nothing, I have nothing, so I have no story to tell:'  

Joseph declined my invitation to be portrayed. He still hadn't found himself again. However, its essence, not even sadness erased.  

After my insistence, José told me his story. I listened and said that he deserved to be portrayed: someone who crossed country borders and was contained by them, but who did not allow those borders to deprive him of his essence.