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The doctor.  

An accident in Santo Domingo made me stay longer than expected in Quito, Ecuador. The ten days I stayed at the Fundeso-tec hotel gave me time to get to know the history of the man from the countryside, from a family of farmers who studied hard, became a professor, researcher and doctor and who showed me another perspective on economics as a science . For him, the economy is one of the foundations of societies and without it there is no sustainability.  

The doctor I am referring to is Professor Porfírio, with a doctorate in Economics, more than ten books published, who retired and continued with his vocation of helping the less fortunate. He dedicates his time to a foundation that provides children, youth and adults with support in times of family fragility, with loved ones admitted to the hospital, accommodation at half-price rates and even free, depending on the need. 
Find out more about fundesotec.org, which also offers music, arts education and school support.