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Colombia has a geography that seems to describe the lives of its citizens. Mountains dressed in lush forests, roads that cross in an ups and downs and place us as spectators of colors and smells, sounds and temperatures. In each plain, a city with its own rhythm, smiles, suspicious looks and friends. Some of these cities still bear the marks of a conflict that not even they themselves know if it is over or not. Highways patrolled by the army suggest a State present against drug trafficking. A nod, a greeting, and the frowning faces turn into a welcome.  

I met Johane, a young woman who brings in her actions and words the experiences of someone who lived up close the horror of a war and still preserved her joy and broad smile. Today, she still lives in the same lands that caused her fear and insecurity and that she decided to defend with intelligence and haughtiness, characteristics that, I can testify, are hallmarks of the true Colombian woman.