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Francisco "Sozinho"

Beyond the rugged mountains of Bolivia, there was a  Peruvian desert and mountains. There, I knew physical and soul solitude.

The news of my older brother's death made me see a
deepest desert from the tops of rocky mountains and vegetation
grounding. It was my helmet the only one
  to hear the cry, muffled
by the bass and strident sound of Nina Simone. I realized that was
a trip
  farewell to a brother who would never make such a journey
with me.

Life goes on. Journey that follows.

"Can we go together?" asked another traveler who was looking for
company. It's fine by me.

Javier and I rode together to Ecuador where we were involved in an accident in Santo Domingo. We take care of each other as friends, of those who take a lifetime to consolidate friendship. And it took, after all, we were born again.