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Doctor in Decree and Social Sciences

UNC - Argentina

Professor Emerita of the UNC. Former professor of private international Derecho and of Derecho de la Integration Regional. Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales. UNC Academic number of the Academia Nacional de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales, Córdoba. Co-author of the rules of Derecho
private international law of the Civil and Commercial Code of Argentina. Co-author of the rules of Derecho
International Code of Familia del Código Procesal de Derecho Familia of Costa Rica. delegated by
Argentina in the International Education Parliament. Honorary Professor of the Universidad Blas
Pascal, Argentina. Honorary Member of the Academy of Derecho, Mexico. Honorary Professor of
the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. CONICET Evaluator for career entry
researchers. Director of the Masters of Business Law at the Universidad Blas Pascal.
Co-director of the Postgraduate Seminar “Constitutional Justice: European Union – MERCOSUR”.
Universidad Complutense Latinoamericana-UNC. Former Legal Consultant of the MERCOSUR Secretariat, Montevideo, Uruguay. Arbitrator of the Permanent Court of Review of MERCOSUR (2016-2018).
Professor invited to numerous national and foreign Universities as a lecturer or
teaching Postgraduate and Doctoral courses, among others: Stanford University, Universidad Complutense, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg; Max Planck Institute for Comparative and Private International Law, Hamburg; Dictante International Family Law Course, Universidad de País Vasco, Heidelberg Center for Latin America, Chile; University of Panama; University of Costa Rica; UNAM; Anahuac University, ITAM, Mexico; Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona; UBA; University of Sao Paulo, University of Rio Grande do Sul, Federal University of Santa Catarina; University of Montevideo, European University Institute,
Fiesole, Fiesole, Italy.

Invited as coordinator or speaker at international events by international organizations and institutes, among others: Forum of Presidents of Supreme Courts of the States Parties to Mercosur; Organization of American States, Rio de Janeiro Course; Spanish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce; Court of Justice of the CAN: Cartagena de Indias; Centro de Estudios Constitucionales de Madrid, IIRSA, Montevideo, Parliament of MERCOSUR, among others.
Coordinator/director of international legal networks, topics: Consultative opinions, SECYT/UNC. Supranational Courts in Integration. SECyT/UNC. Perfection of the MERCOSUR dispute resolution system, by the Commission of the European Union and by the Collège des Hautes Études Européennes “Miguel Servet” (Paris) Coordinating at the Instituto Universitario Europeo, Florence, of the Global Network of Supreme Courts of Justice for Latin America. ALADI legal advisor. Legal Adviser of the European Union.

Drafting of international standards: Member of the Technical Committee of the Meeting of Ministers of Justice of the EP for the drafting of Rules for the Application of Conventions and Treaties to Prevent the Treat of Persons, especially for Women and Children. Asunción.

Main publications:

Encyclopedia of Private International Law, Argentina  Chapter, Elgaronline, 2017;

Private International Law in Argentina, 2nd. Ed. Kluwers International. The Hague/London, 2016. Current Derecho Internacional Privado. Analysis of the norms of the new Civil and Commercial Code, volume 1, Zavalía 2015 and volume 2, 2017. Judicial application of private international law EJC, 2017;

Application of Derecho Extranjero-Contratos Internacionales, Costa Rica, Editorial Jurídica Continental, 2015. Derecho Internacional Privado de Costa Rica. 2014. International Restitución de Niñas y Niños. Derecho de visita, Costa Rica, 2013;

The international right of family in postmodernity;

Author of “Private International Law in Argentina” for the Encyclopaedia of Laws.
Kluwers International, 2011. Derecho original del MERCOSUR en c/a. Buenos Aires / Madrid, Martial
Pons, 2011, among other books. Numerous articles, book chapters, prologues, reviews,
jurisprudence and chronicles.

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