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Chief Tanoné

Fighting for indigenous people

In indigenous culture, women know less than men and are inferior. In this hostile environment, a women won the position of her people’s chief, the Kariri Xocó, a group with over 70 individuals.

Ivanice Tanoné is 54 years old and has been chief since 2005, as an acknowledgement of her struggles for her people.

She is respected by all in her group, but rejected by most of the other tribes. In Brazil there are about 20 women chiefs, a very small number, albeit representative. After all, as Cacique Tanoné says, women are showing their worth and taking the lead.


Ivanice Pires Tanoné  

Que luta para preservar

É a cacique do seu povo

Na jornada a guerrear

Com armas da ecologia

Conjuga o verbo amar


Mulher que sabe muito

Das famílias a cuidar

Tanoné da natureza  

Os Kariri Xocó a guiar

Mostrando o seu valor

Tomando a frente a lutar


Cacique desde 2005  

Pelo grupo é respeitada

Na luta pelo seu  povo

Coninua na jornada

Precisa de mais apoio

E ser mais valorizada


Gustavo Dourado

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