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  Dalmazia Helena de Castanheira e Cossa
DATE OF BIRTH: September 23, 1972
PROFESSION: Jurist / Lawyer
Civil state: Single
ADDRESS: Rua da Resistência nº 1279 1 single floor

Degree in Law from Universidade Eduardo Mondlane – UEM – 5 November 1998
Master in Public Health from Universidade Eduardo Mondlane- UEM – 3 November 2006
Master in Human Rights - UEM -2011

1990/91 Middle Level – Francisco Manyanga Secondary School
1992/95 Bachelor of Laws from Eduardo Mondlane University – UEM

1994/96 5th Level of English – Maputo Language Institute
1998 English Course – College United Kingdom
1998 Financial Management Course – Organized by AIP
  (Association of Portuguese Students)
1998 HURISA – Human Rights Institute of South Africa: Course on Building a Database and Processing International Standards

1999 Course on Human Rights Theories and Practices – Organized by the Danish Center in Copenhagen - Denmark

1999 Course on the Code of Breast Milk Substitutes  for the PALOP's

2000 Course in Leadership and Reproductive Health - University of  the Witwatersrand

2001 Intensive Course in Health and Human Rights – Harvard  University – USA

2002 Course on the Implementation of the Breastmilk Code held in Mbabane – Swaziland – Organized by IBFAN

2005 Course on UN Ratification Instruments –  namibia

2007 Capacity Building Workshop & Study Tour of Health System Strengthening to Address Reduction of Maternal & Neo-Natal Mortality (OHNA)

2007 Course on Drafting Legislation Opinions - Maputo
2005/2006/2007 Tutor in several research works
2005/2006/2007 Collaborator at ISPU
2005/2007 Collaborator at ISCISA in the chair of Health Legislation
2000/2 Collaborator at the Faculty of Medicine of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in the Chairs of Administration, Planning and Legal Medicine

2000/2 Collaborator at the Institute of Health Sciences in the Chair  of Administrative Law

1996/98 Trainer in Human Rights at the Academy of Sciences  Police – ACIPOL

1996/98 Trainer at the Human Rights Association
1993/94 Trainer in Civic Education for the General Elections

1995 Trainer in the Civic Education Project for Women of the Mozambican Workers' Organization.
1999-2018 - Lawyer and Member of the Mozambican Bar Association

2019 (July) - Appointed National Director of the Legal Office of the Ministry of Health - MISAU
1999/2007/2015/2019 - Legal Advisor to His Excellency Minister of Health
2012/2015 - Member of the Superior Council of the Judiciary appointed by the Assembly of the Republic - Frelimo Parliamentary Bench
2015/2020 - President of the Mozambican Association of Women in Legal Careers - AMMCJ
2015/2020 - Member of the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers – France - Advisor to the Bureau
2005/2007 - Member of the Multi-sectoral group on Juvenile Justice
2012 - Member of the National Human Rights Commission - CNDH - appointed by the
  Government - MISAU

2002 By joint order of the Magnificent Rector of UEM and His Excellency the Ministry of Health, appointed member of the Commission whose objective was to redefine Medical Training at Eduardo Mondlane University as well as the role of clinical teaching and the transformation of Maputo Central Hospital in University Hospital

2001 By Order of His Excellency the Minister – Appointed to be part of the Installation Commission for the creation of the Higher Institute of Health Sciences-ISCISA

2007 Member of the Multi-Sector group for the restructuring of  Organic Units of Ministries

1996/99 Legal Advisor to the Administration of the State Real Estate Park (APIE) – Ministry of Public Works

1996/99 Advisor at the Association for Human Rights and  Development - DHD

2008 I participated on behalf of the Government in the Group of Member States of the World Health Organization for the elaboration of the International Anti-Tobacco Convention  to be presented in May 2003 at the World Health Assembly

2002 Member of the Installation Commission for the transformation of the Regional Center for Sanitary Development into a Public Health Institution

2000/2007 Drafting of various legislation in the area of health and Public Administration

2005/2007 Installation Commission Installing the Anti-Retroviral Factory
2007 Trainer in the Maternity Protection and Breastfeeding Course

2001 Comparative Study of Family Law in the Republic of Zimbabwe within the framework of the Family Law Reform
2002 Child Rights Manual – Edited by the Association of
  Human Rights and Development - DHD

2002 Compilation of International Norms on Human Rights – Edited by the Association for Human Rights and Development - DHD

2000 Presentation of the Study at the Congress of Medical Law in Helsinia – Finland on the issue of access to health care versus patients' rights in the light of the Mozambican legal system

2001 Presentation of the theme at the Scientific Conferences on Health  relating to Health and Human Rights

2002 Presentation of the topic on health policies in Mozambique at the World Congress on Medical Law held in the Netherlands.

2003 Drafting and approval of the Milk Substitute Code  maternal;

2006 Ethical Conflict of Health Professionals, its implication  in the transmission of HIV/AIDS

2007 Edition of the I Collection of Health Legislation
2008 Elaboration of diverse legislation in the area of Health, special emphasis goes to the proposal of Ministerial Diplomas and regulations;

2009 Drafting of Medicines Laws Vaccines and Other Biological Products; the Interruption of Pregnancy, and the Law that introduces specific changes to the Private Medicine Law;
2010 Drafting of the Proposed Laws on Organ and Tissue and Human Transplantation and the Law that Creates the National Blood Service;

2011 Participation in the elaboration of the Alcohol Law and in the  Health Sector Reforms.

2012 Participation in the Drafting of the Law on Medicines, Vaccines and Other Biological Products for Human Use;

2013 Edition of the Health Legislation Manual for Training in Health Sciences Institutes and ISCISA for Hospital Administration Technicians.
Drafting of the Regulation on the control of the production, marketing and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Preparation of the Public Administration Physician Statute

2014 Edition of the Manual on the Training of Paralegals in matters relating to the Domestic Violence Law, Land and Family Law.

Elaboration of the Regulation of the statute of the doctor in the public administration

2015 Participation in the Decree Project that Creates the  Pre-Hospital Emergency in Mozambique.
Elaboration of the redefinition of the framework of attributions and
MISAU competencies

2016 Edition of the II Health Legislation Collection

Participation in the Drafting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
Participation in the Drafting of the Order of Nurses of Mozambique and the Statute
Preparation of CNRM Medical Residencies

2017 Elaboration of the Redefinition of the nature, attributions and  competences of the National Institute of Health
Participation in the Elaboration of the Redefinition of the nature, attributions and competences of the CNCS
Preparation of Clinical Standards on Safe Abortion

2018 Participation in the elaboration of the Hospital's legal regime  Maputo power station
Preparation of MISAU's Internal Regulations
Participation in the Elaboration of SENASA's Organic Statute and its Internal Regulation
Participation in the Preparation of the Organic Statute of SEMMO and its Internal Regulation
Participation in the Elaboration of the Organic Statute of the INS and its Internal Regulation

Seminars, workshops, national, regional and international conferences

AMMCJ- Mozambican Association of Women in Legal Careers – President of the
Board of the General Meeting
DHD – Association for Human Rights and Development – Vice President
MULEIDE – Women, Law and Member Development
AMOP – Association of Women Workers of Peace – Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Portuguese : Speaks, Writes and Reads Fluently;
English : Speaks, writes and reads fluently;

Ronga : Speak and Read

 Has a passenger driving license since 1995.
 Has computer knowledge from a user perspective.

 Has knowledge of Administration, Business Management, Marketing and Resources
 Designs, implements, evaluates any project within its field of expertise and
 Experienced in Mobilizing Financial Resources for Health Programs,
support for Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality as well as access to
Justice and Legal Sponsorship to people in need.
 Tutor of candidates for the legal profession.
 Gender Coordinator of the Mozambican Bar Association.


 Drafted the Public Health Basic Law
 Drafted the Medicines Act
 Edition of the II Health Collection
 Clinical guidelines on safe abortion
 Lawyer in social causes, minors in conflict with the law, minors and the elderly

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