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Dulce Gomes

Giving support to the sick

When noticing people, who had gone from small places in the middle of nowhere, to the city of Campina Grande in the state of Paraíba, for hospital treatment, seeing them sitting on the sidewalks, hungry and with no assistance, under the strong heat of the region, this retired woman didn’t ignore them. She founded the Centro de Formação Humana e Social – CENFHIS to give shelter and food to these needy people. She offered help to the sick travelers and their care takers. The enterprise increased and today also includes the needy in her city.

Poesia para Dulce

Desde cedo sabia o que queria:
Estudar pra ser alguém na vida.
Enfrentou julgamento nessa lida...
Porém, Dulce, seguiu com maestria.
Fez concurso e, com sabedoria,
Foi gerente num banco renomado.
Hoje, ela amplia o seu legado
Num projeto de vida que conduz.
Dulce é a mulher que leva luz
Para aqueles que clamam por cuidado.

Anne Karolynne


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