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Professional Performance :

  • Lawyer registered with the OAB/DF under number 28.697: Legal practice with emphasis on Superior Courts, Constitutional and Administrative Law;

  • Effective Servant of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District – Legislative Technician – Joined in July 2006.

  • Member of the Board of Directors of TERRACAP – (Director)

  • Member of the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the OAB/DF;

Academic Formation :

  • Master's Degree in Law at the University of Brasília - UNB (student as a special student) – Constitution and Democracy Research Line;

  • Specialist in Constitutional Law – Postgraduate at IDP – Institute of Public Law;

  • Specialist in Social Security Law – Postgraduate by IDP – Institute of Public Law;

  • Specialist in Civil Law and its Guardianship Instruments – Faculdade Anhanguera/Unisul;

  • Law Degree – UNIEURO University Center – Conclusion: 2008

  • English: Graduated in Advanced Level – Thomas Jefferson House.

Professional Experience :

  • Legal practice since 2008, in the Civil, Criminal and Administrative areas, especially in the Superior Courts;

  • Member of the Board of Directors of TERRACAP;

  • Legislative Technician of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (joined in 2006-current);

  • Undersecretary of Land Affairs of the Secretariat for Regularization of Condominiums of the Federal District (21/03/2012 to 09/03/2015);

  • Member of the District Forum for Land Regularization (2012 to 2015);

  • Secretary General of the Bandeirante, Guará and Riacho Fundo Subsection –

  • OAB-DF (2015);

  • Member of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the OAB-DF (2015);

  • Member of the Permanent Bidding Committee of the Legislative Chamber. (2011-2012);

  • Member of the Board of Previcom;

  • Other functions performed at CLDF: Technical Assistance to the Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions for Public Transport and Health; Legislative Advisor at the Legislative Board, at the Office of the Vice-President of the Legislative Chamber, as well as at the 1st and 3rd Secretaries, Committee on the Environment, Science and Technology, Substitute Head at ASFICO – Supervisory and Control Advisory, acting in the Defense Center of the Legislative Chamber;

  • Undersecretary for Economic Programs and Incentives of the Secretariat for Economic Development;

  • Secretary of State for Entrepreneurship of the Federal District (May 2020 – current).

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