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Professor of Psychology at the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IFRJ). PhD in Social, Work and Organizational Psychology from the University of Brasília (UnB), with a postdoctoral degree from the Higher School of Social Sciences of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (CPDOC/FGV). Lead Researcher at ODARA - Interdisciplinary Research Group on Culture, Identity and Diversity (CNPq). Coordinator of the Diversity Nucleus NDIVAS Marielle Franco (IFRJ Belford Roxo campus). She was the first manager of the UnB Quota System for Blacks, having held the position of Advisor for Diversity and Support to Quotaholders and Coordinator of the Black Living Center (2003-2008). He worked at the Ministry of Planning (2008-2010), developing the National Health Care Policy for Federal Public Servants. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Health Policies and Inequalities Research at Duke University (USA), with which he conducts research on the mental health of sexual and gender minorities in six countries (Brazil, Cambodia, El Salvador, India, Kenya and Vietnam). Author of several scientific publications, research, teaching and publishing in the areas of health, diversity, work, social identity and social movements, with an emphasis on gender and feminism, sexual orientation and color/race. She received the Chiquinha Gonzaga Medal (2017) from Councilwoman Marielle Franco (2017), awarded by the Rio de Janeiro City Council to women with recognized contributions to society.

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