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Current Position: Interior Secretary of the Círculo de Legisladores del Congreso Nacional

Birthplace : Rosario - Province of Santa Fe Argentina
Domicile : O Higgins 2284 6to A, C:A:B:A:
Phone : 11 1562788765
Email :

Graduated from the National University of Rosario, with the title of Electrical Engineer with Orientation in Electrotechnics.

 Senator of the Nation for the Province of Santa Fe. 1983-1992
 Secretariat for Institutional Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior 1993-1999.
 Member of CEDAW-UN 1993-1996. Headquarters in New York.
 Delegate del Gobierno de Santa Fe Governor Carlos Reutemann. 1999-2003
 Circle of Legislators up to date
 Member of the official Argentine delegations at the UN Women's Conferences Nairobi 1985 and Pekin 1995

YEAR 1985 World Conference Decenio de las Naciones Unidas para la Mujer: EQUALDAD, DESARROLLO Y PAZ.
Nairobi-Kenya. JULY 1985

YEAR 1986 Second Conference of Parliamentary Women of the World for La Paz. New Delhi - India. APRIL 1986.

YEAR 1987 Annual Conference of Parliamentary Women of the World for La Paz: DESARME Y DESARROLLO. Mexico. JUNE 1987.

YEAR 1988 Inter-American Seminar for the Preparation of Strategies for the Participation of Women in Politics. Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) OAS. Washington USA JUNE 1988

YEAR 1988 XXIX Annual Meeting Asamblea Gobernadores BID, elected by Iglesias Caracas. MARCH 1989.

YEAR 1989 Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Commission (CIM) OAS. Washington USA OCTOBER 1989.

YEAR 1989 3rd Comisión Naciones Unidas Inter-American Consultation on Violence in Women. Washington USA -NOVEMBER 1989.

YEAR 1989 Asamblea Comisión Naciones Unidas Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño. Washington USA NOVEMBER 1989.

YEAR 1989 Work Meeting of the National Institute of Public Administration of Spain. Madrid. DICIEMBER 1989.

YEAR 1990 Integró Delegation that participated in the International Presentation of the Bidding to Privatize ENTel. United States and England. ENERO 1990.

YEAR 1990 Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and meetings with Representatives of the World Bank and the IDB. WASHINGTON USA. SEPTEMBER 1990.

YEAR 1991 National Delegation that traveled to Peru on account of the Cholera Epidemic. LIME. MARCH 1991.

YEAR 1991 XII Executive Board of ECLAC for the Integration of Latin American and Caribbean Women. Buenos Aires, Argentina. MAY 1991.

YEAR 1991 Parliamentary Interlocutor before the OPIC Delegation of the EE.UU. on Investments in Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina. AUGUST 1991.

YEAR 1991 XIII Assembly of the Latin American Parliament.
Cartagena-Colombia. AUGUST 1991.

YEAR 1991 86th Conference of the Interparliamentary Union.
Santiago de Chile. Chile. OCTOBER 1991.

YEAR 1991 Meeting Coordinating Committee of Parlamentarias del Mundo. Santiago de Chile - Chile. OCTOBER 1991.

YEAR 1991 First Meeting of the Argentine-Chilean Joint Parliamentary Commission. VALPARAISO CHILE. OCTOBER 1991.

YEAR 1991 Invitation of the British Embassy in Buenos Aires as President of the Bicameral State Reform Commission, to receive information on the Privatization Policy of State Enterprises; Legal, Institutional, Economic Framework and its concrete results.

YEAR 1991 Seminar on State Reform held
the European Economic Community in Brussels. BELGIUM NOVEMBER 1991.

YEAR 1991 First Meeting of Presidents, Ministers of Economy and Grupo del Mercosur, Brasilia - BRAZIL 1991.

YEAR 1991 III Joint Parliamentary Meeting of MercosurMONTEVIDEO. URUGUAY. DICIEMBER 1991.

YEAR 1992 Official Launch Act "BOLIVAR PROGRAM:
Regional Technological Integration, Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness".


YEAR 1993 2nd World Conference on "HUMAN DEFENSES", based in Vienna. JUNIO 1993. Member of the Official Delegation.

YEAR 1994 Visit to Madrid on behalf of the general elections of that country, invited by the Ministerio de Interior de España.

YEAR 1994 VI Regional Conference on Women.
UN, Member of the Official Delegation. Mar del Plata. SEPTEMBER 1994.

YEAR 1995 IV World Conference on Women. Member of the Official Argentine Delegation and Panelist as Expert Member of CEDAW.Beijing. China, SEPTEMBER 1995.

YEAR 1996 Visit to Madrid with the general selections of that country. Invitation Ministerio del Interior de España. FEBRUARY-MARZ 1996.

YEAR 1998 Meeting of Government Representatives on Contribuciones en Campañas Electorales. OAS Caracas, Venezuela. FEBRUARY 1998.

42nd Period of Sessions of the Commission of the Legal and Social Condition of the Women of the United Nations. Member of the Official Delegation. New York, USA. MARCH 1998.

Conference "Esential Voices of the Americas: Women in Democracy", organized by the Government of the United States of North America and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). With the presence of Hilary Clinton. Montevideo, Uruguay. OCTOBER 1998.

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