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Advisor in International Trade, International Business, and International Derecho. Peruvian lawyer specializing in Human Rights and Public and Private International Law. (2003). Doctor in American Studies with Mention in International Studies at the University of Santiago de Chile - Chile. (2012). Doctor in Decree by the Federal University of Minas Gerais-
Brazil. (UFMG). (2015).

Facilitator and instructor in Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law of the United Nations for the “Blue Cascos of United Nations, with certification from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Pasantía in the Center for Post-Doctoral Training in the Department of Education and Doctrine and Evaluation of the Argentine Center for Joint Training for Peace Operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (CAECOPAZ). (2006).

Teaching career at the National University of Buenos Aires (2008-2010).

Discipline Teacher International Experiences in the Context of COVID 19 at the Instituto Brasiliense de Derecho Público (IDP). Brasilia (Currently)


Professor of Public International Decree, Private International Decree and Mercosur Decree at the Instituto Brasiliense de Derecho Público (IDP). Brasilia. (2019)

Distance teacher (online) of Derechos Humanos de la Facultad FISBE - Minas Gerais Brazil (Currently)

Professor of Human Rights and Private International Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. (PUC – MINES). (2015-2016)

Professor of Human Rights at the Military Justice Court of Minas Gerais. For the Training Course for Military Jueces. (2014-2017)

Professor of Graduation and Post Graduation at the Universities of Belgrano, Lomas de Zamora, UMSA, UAI in Argentina, (2009 – 2013).

Professor invited by the Diplomatic Academy of Peru on Bilateral Relations and UN Peace Operations. (2007 and 2012).

First Academic Advisory Lawyer of the Direction of the Joint Training Center for Peace Operations in Peru (CECOPAZ) (2007).

Human Rights Teacher at the Joint Training Center for Peace Operations in Peru. (CECOPAZ – 2007).

Legal Assistant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru at the Legal Department for Human Rights. (2002-2003).


First Instructor in International Law and Human Rights at the Joint Training Center for Peace Operations in Peru (CECOPAZ) (2007).

Reviewing Judge of the CEJA Program of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ((2015,2017,2018,2019)

Distinction with the High Medal of Honor in the High Distinction Grade awarded by the Superior Military Court of Brazil. (2019)

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese

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