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Priscila Maruoka

For children with heart disease

This pediatric cardiologist noticed the difficulty faced by families with children suffering from congenital heart disease, the third cause of neonatal child death, and decided to do something. She got a few medical doctors together and created the Associação Coração Curumim.

In three years, they had already cared for about 50 families, giving psychological support for parents, nutritional orientation for a better pre and post-surgery recovery, as well as providing a proper place to stay, so that mothers who travel from the interior for their children’s treatment can go to Campinas in the state of São Paulo. The institution also contributes with special milk and medical formulas that are not accessible to some children.

Poesia para a Priscila

Priscila Maruoka é cuidado
Medicina que enxerga o coração
Seu amor criou associação
Coração Curumim é seu legado
Ela faz um trabalho lado a lado
Às crianças em vulnerabilidade.
Cardiopatia congênita a realidade
Que o projeto acolhe e vai tratando.
Que Priscila prossiga ajudando
Às famílias que têm necessidade.

Poetisa Anne Karolynne


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