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Master of Arts, Doctoral student (Gender Studies)

Affiliation: project Specialist at Finland Futures Research Center (FFRC),
University of Turku, Finland

Sari Miettinen has worked at FFRC since 2011 in various research and
development projects. Miettinen has specialized in developing and teaching of
futures thinking, guidance and learning at different educational levels. She is
one of the designers and teachers of Futures guidance supplementary training
module for teachers and other personnel working within education.

Currently, Miettinen is working as a project manager of development project
“Potential – Promoting gender and culture sensitive career guidance” funded by
European Social Fund via Finland Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. the aim
is to raise awareness, and to transform awareness about the gender and
culture bias in career guidance into good practices to counteract it. The results
of our development work will be disseminated in educational institutions and in
guidance services nationally.

Areas of expertise: Futures studies, Futures guidance and learning, Qualitative
research, Participatory methodology, Gender studies, Feminist pedagogy,
equality work

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