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Filmmaker and researcher of gender and women's history in  Brasilia. Director of the documentary Poeira e Batom - 50 women in construction  de Brasília, among other films with a female theme.


Coordinator of the Women's Applied Research Institute  Brasiliense, filmmaker and researcher of women's oral history and doctoral student  in Cultural History, Memories and Identities - University of Brasília (UnB)  and University of Montreal. Specialist in Public Policy and Studies of  Gender by FLACSO - Argentina – BR. Conducted research on Power and  Women's Leadership at Civil Service College - Ascot / London. director of  films: Dust and Lipstick – 50 women in the construction of Brasília; women of  Cafés in Brazil and The race of 5300 women, South Exit: Corumbá. Author of  books: Women at the Top of a Career: Flexibility and Persistence; Memoirs  Women in the Construction of Brasilia; Women's Work - Myths and  transformations, in co-authorship with Adrianne Reis.

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