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Counselor Judge, President of the Labor Chamber.

Year of appointment: 2013 to date.

Date of birth: November 30, 1956.


academic data

2018 - Doctoral student in Legal Sciences at the University of the Social Museum  Argentine – UMSA - Buenos Aires/Argentina.

1998 - Degree in Law from Universidade Agostinho Neto - Faculdade  right.

Professional experience

2014 - INEJ trainer - in the Labor jurisdiction

2010/2014 - Lecturer at the Methodist University of Angola, in the Discipline of  Procedural Law

Civil I and II

2009 - Initial Training Course for PALOP Magistrates -  Maputo / Mozambique

2007/2014 -Former of INEJ -National Institute of Judicial Studies -  Civil Jurisdiction


2013/2019 - Deputy Coordinator of the Commission for the Reform of Justice and  Law, and Coordinator of the Sub-Commission for Drafting Legislation  Complementary to the Judicial Organization 

2013 to date - President of the Tribunal's Labor Chamber  Supreme

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